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Magik Wireless Charger Table Lamp

Magik Wireless Charger Table Lamp - Tech Magik

Magik Wireless Charger Table Lamp

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10W high-power charging output, providing fast charging without disturbing other operations, so that your mobile phone battery is carefully cared for

Automatic power off and overcharge, no need to worry about long-term charging

Mobile phone stand easily set up your phone to make more space for you

Charging sensing distance, with mobile phone case also enjoy smooth wireless charging

Touch the button table lamp, get rid of the trouble of frequently plugging and unplugging the charging head, enjoy the 360 ° easy to charge wireless charging pleasure

Light touch function

The brightness of the touch once is 30%.

The secondary brightness of the touch is 70%

The brightness of the touch three times is 100%.

Touch the light four times to turn off the light

When the light is the brightest, it will darken to 30% according to the infinite dimming

When the light is darkest, the light is brightened to 100% by the infinite

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