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Magik Bladeless Fan

Magik Bladeless Fan

Magik Bladeless Fan

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Say Hello to the Bladeless Fan a Neat & Unique way to Stay Cool and Refreshed During the Summer Weather and Humidify Your Surroundings. It is Small Portable and Easy to Use .




Leafless Fan Brings More Natural Wind

On a hot summer day, feel the cool wind from nature

Upgrade the Air Duct Design to Reduce Noise

Increase air pressure, increase air volume, continuously adjust air ducts, reduce noise

3-speed Wind Speed Can be Adjusted

The ambient light will illuminate when the fan is turned on and can be turned off when no lights are needed

USB Universal Interface

Can be connected directly to a computer or powered by a mobile power source

Humidifier Cooling

Aromatherapy, essential oils, etc. can be added to lower the temperature of the wind and increase the humidity of the wind.

Water Filling Step

Open the humidifier and place it smoothly

Tilt the product and slowly add water

Put the humidifier back in the water tank


Input voltage: 5V / 2A
Fan power: 8w
Air volume gear: 3 gears
Product size: 129 * 145 * 227mm
Product weight: 475g
Light power: 1w
LED color temperature: 3000k
Humidification power: 1.5w
Water tank capacity: 60ml
Humidification time: 1h



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